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The Changing Face of Trades: Women in the Workforce

How many tradeswomen do you know? Think about it. Not counting hairstylists, you can probably count them on one hand. Yet, recent reports show the number of women in trades is on the rise. The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board’s 2014 Statistical Profiles report shows a steady increase in the number of female registered […]

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Tradespeople: The Roots of Civilization

There’s no doubt about it, qualified, skilled tradespeople are a hot commodity these days.  Can you find an aspect of civilization that doesn’t depend upon them?  There’s not one career out there that doesn’t depend on the foundation skilled tradespeople have built.  Tradespeople provide the framework many professionals, including doctors, psychologists and IT professionals, need to do their jobs.  Tradespeople are the […]

Volunteering Abroad: West Africa

In the summer of 2015 I had the unique opportunity to take my skilled trade abroad to West Africa.  A nongovernmental organization (NGO) called the Himalayan Institute (HI) was looking for a plumber to help train local staff and perform repairs on their 10,000 square foot building.  They were gearing up to host a guided […]

Release 3.0.3 – Patch

Just released updates 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 live.  Some changes include: Member signup is simplified to Name and Email. New signups will not be visible for searching and networking unless they separately create a trades profile. This allows recruiters and companies to access functionality without identifying as tradespeople. Removed LinkedIn signup/sign in until API repairs resolved […]

Release 3.0.1 – Patch

Updated Patch version changes include: Changed icons to font-glyphs, should reduce downloads and remain sharp at all screen resolutions Modified Profile status controls for easier changing of work availability.  Should be available anywhere your profile shows at the top with the currently displayed status.  Pressing that should reveal a choice list to change status instantly.

Tradespeople of Calgary: Mike Port

Calgary Tradesman

It feels good to be recognized, but all to often the commitment and dedication of hard-working tradespeople is overlooked. That’s why Tradeslife has undertaken an exciting new project focused on telling the stories of exceptional tradespeople in the community. When Tradeslife began talking to people in the community seeking respected tradespeople, Mike Port, a professional roofer, came to […]

5 Questions with 24/7 Electric

Ask a trades professional

If you search for ‘Calgary Electrician’ on Google, you will notice 24/7 Electric comes up at the top of the list. This visibility illustrates the effort the company puts into marketing its services. Shane Walton, Red Seal Master Electrician and co-owner, credits the company’s high ranking to the marketing skill set of his partner, Stacy […]

Tradespeople of Calgary: Mike Melanson

Calgary Tradespeople

At 60 years of age, Mike Melanson has fixed more machines than you can shake a socket wrench at. Despite having over 40 years of experience working as a mechanic, Melanson says he still learns new things all the time. In many ways I still consider myself an apprentice to the trade. “In many ways […]

Tradespeople of Calgary: Joshua Ferguson

Lumberjack Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

When Joshua Ferguson (30) graduated from high school, being a tradesman was the last thing on his mind, especially being a plumber. “The industry isn’t always held in the highest regards. I never grew up wanting to be a plumber. I thought plumbers were dirty people who just cleaned out toilets and that’s it,” Ferguson […]

Rebranding the Trades: Fruitful Pursuit

The beauty of the trades is that it opens the door for you to pursue other interests.  Whether you ride the half pipe on four wheels or launch off it on powder, the trades give you wings—wings that will take you farther than Redbull. I’m talking about freedom, the kind of freedom riding a Harley strapped […]