Tradeslife Public Beta

Plumber / Pipe-fitters

You may have noticed some important changes to Tradeslife. A number of features have been updated and hopefully improved. Ultimately, our users are the judge of that, so please be sure to leave us feedback!

The changes include:

Site Architecture

  • Improved site architecture will allow us to maintain and improve sections with less interruptions in the future.
  • The architecture helps compatibility with an array of devices using responsive web design, which should help until we build dedicated mobile applications.


  • Sign Up – We needed to add more steps to this process because we simply had too many people joining up with no information.  If we do not have a trade’s role or their location, it’s difficult for us to suggest jobs suited to that user.  Hopefully, 3 Steps is easy enough to get everyone signed up efficiently.
  • PIX – is the image uploading section where members can upload trades related images to promote your work, business, co-workers, or the trades in general.
  • Jobs – section was improved for better search-ability, connecting with Indeed jobs to supplement our own listings. We regularly have over 20,000 jobs at a time.
  • Companies (NEW) – A new section was designed to promote companies and organizations.  These listings will tell you about them and, in the future, they will show related Tradeslife members, their PIX, job opportunities and examples of their work.
    • Some companies are automatically added when Tradeslife members add these companies to their work experience.
    • You can contact us directly to gain administrator control of a company page.
    • Multiple office locations
  • People – This section has been simplified from before into a set of tabs. Combining everything outside of work experience into ‘qualifications’.  There is also a tab to see that person’s PIX.  You may now enter multiple eligible locations where you wish to work.
  • Account Options – various account options allow users to customize email correspondence, privacy settings, and more.


With these changes it has set up the path for Tradeslife to build more tools for members such as:

  • Automated Job Alerts – if your availability is open, Tradeslife can send job alerts directly to your phone via email alerts or by text depending on your settings.  Emails can be set to either a daily digest format or a weekly list.
  • Easy Apply Jobs – for jobs posted with Tradeslife, members can ‘one button apply’ so they can view your profile directly on Tradeslife, and even output your profile into a simplified resume format.
  • Short Notice Work – for members who opt in for casual, or piece-work and are eligible considering any applicable union memberships. Tradeslife can utilize your desired location to send you emails or texts to alert you of short notice jobs suited to your trade skill.
  • Sites – you can start tagging your PIX with your job sites that can be shared with other Tradeslifers that work at the same job, whether a commercial/industrial project or to a residence.

With these key changes we encourage our members to update their profiles, especially their availability so we can get those trades companies the skilled people they need.

Thank you for patience.

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