Rebranding the Trades: Fruitful Pursuit

The beauty of the trades is that it opens the door for you to pursue other interests.  Whether you ride the half pipe on four wheels or launch off it on powder, the trades give you wings—wings that will take you farther than Redbull.

I’m talking about freedom, the kind of freedom riding a Harley strapped with saddle bags into the sunset brings, (cue Tarantino music) or the kind of freedom found flying a ski-doo over eight feet of powder in the peaks of the Rockies.  It’s Liberation.  Most tradespeople aren’t just welders, carpenters or plumbers.  Their talents extend far beyond the router table and torch.  Whether it’s playing music, raising children or skydiving, their work provides the means for real fulfillment in their lives.  As much as they love what they do and take pride in their work, their trade gives them freedom.  Their trade engenders creativity.

“I can’t wait to push more paper tomorrow,” said no one ever.  It’s more like, “Shit, (in a good way) I’m laying pipe tomorrow… Banging off those ground-works!”  Granted, every job can be a grind at times, but a cool part of being a tradesperson is the problem solving it often requires.  Every day brings with it new challenges and difficulties to be resolved.

I don’t know about you, but that inspires me.  It keeps me on my toes.  It keeps me sharp.  The day you think you’ve seen it all, is the day you’re confronted with an inexplicable puzzle: “Never seen that one before!”  And what do you do?  You get creative.  You get innovative.  You fix it!  You think outside the box and do whatever it takes to find a solution.  Problem solved.  That’s fulfilment.

Countless working tradespeople are artists, musicians, hunters, backpackers, even pilots, on the side and you wouldn’t know it.  You name an activity and you’ll find a tradesperson pursuing its movement.  I once worked with a plumber, a mountain-climbing fisherman who would explore the interior lakes of BC every summer, often finding pools of fish untouched by man.  How they ever ended up in those altitudes I’ll never know!  All I know is he was happy.

Whatever it is, the trades give you the means to follow your bliss.  It prompts imagination to follow your passion and to really exist.  And that’s… a real gift.


Exit:  Top Right

(Tarantino music plays)

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