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Release 3.0.1 – Patch

Updated Patch version changes include: Changed icons to font-glyphs, should reduce downloads and remain sharp at all screen resolutions Modified Profile status controls for easier changing of work availability.  Should be available anywhere your profile shows at the top with the currently displayed status.  Pressing that should reveal a choice list to change status instantly.

Feature: Connecting on Tradeslife

Connecting through Tradeslife is now active… to learn more about how it works check out the reference page: Hopefully, this first iteration gets the job done and with your feedback we can streamline it to work for everyone.  Feedback can be sent through Remember, after you get connection requests you still need to approve/deny […]

Tradeslife Public Beta

Plumber / Pipe-fitters

You may have noticed some important changes to Tradeslife. A number of features have been updated and hopefully improved. Ultimately, our users are the judge of that, so please be sure to leave us feedback! The changes include: Site Architecture Improved site architecture will allow us to maintain and improve sections with less interruptions in the future. The […]