What is Tradeslife?

Plumber / Pipe-fitters

Tradeslife is an online community platform that enables tradespeople and employers to meet and effectively communicate their skill sets through a portfolio of work showcasing pictures, certifications, and references. Having an industry specific site that caters to the professional lives of tradespeople not only consolidates trade resources and economic opportunity for them, but centralizes an otherwise scattered community for employers and contractors to post jobs, hire, and develop the right teams.

Welcome to Tradeslife: Your Tool To Connect

Why Tradeslife?

We are decreasing the shortage of skilled tradespeople by increasing talent mobility across the construction sector. Tradespeople have long been an under-served community online as well as in academic establishments. It is our company’s mission to develop an easy to use online platform to better facilitate training, growth, and communication amongst all tradespeople. Our vision is to become a trusted global tool to connect skilled labor to struggling economies around the world. We all benefit from the the services of tradespeople.

We are Tradeslife. Join the community.

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