Ely R

Journeyman (Red Seal) Plumber;Journeyman (Red Seal) B Class Gasfitter;
Calgary, AB — Canada


5 Years New Construction:  Heating + Plumbing

  • Commercial
    • high rises, office spaces, warehouses, restaurants, yogurt shops, dental clinics, health clinics, store fronts
  • Residental
    • New builds, renovations, editions


  • Commercial repairs
    • Boilers, baseboard, venting
    • Drain Cleaning
  • Residential repairs
    • HWTs, furnaces, taps, faucets, tubs, showers, etc...

West Africa:  2 months volunteer plumber + researching water systems and techniques working with local plumbers

Drilling Rigs:  5 seasons as a motorhand/roughneck 

Yachting:  4 Years as a Bosun/Deckhand

Trades Practiced:


Journeyman (Red Seal)
Since 2015

B Class Gasfitter

Journeyman (Red Seal)
Since 2015

Locations for Work:

Morley Reserve , AB — Canada
Eden Valley Reserve , AB — Canada
Fort Lauderdale , Florida — USA
Kumbo, Cameroo — Cameroon
Calgary , AB — Canada
Kumbo — Cameroon
Merchantville , New Jersey — USA