Donald P

Apprentice (1st Year) Electrical Apprentice;
Chestermere, AB — Canada


Worked on First Year Construction Electrician Apprenticeship in:

  • Rexdale, Ontario {Oakdale Electric Ltd. 1988}
  • St. John's, Newfoundland {Complete Rent-Alls 1999}

After Last Inventory Manager Layoff...I Need my Red Seal...

  • 3+ years; Worked at Oil and Gas Repair and Assembly Machine Shop. (Inventory Manager) Department Laid Off.
  • 4+ years; Worked at Hood Packaging Paper Plant. (Inventory Manager / IT Support) Merge caused Lay Off.
  • 1 year; Worked at VRRI Bottle Depot. (Assistant Manager / HR) Non-profit Organization, One year contract.


Trades Practiced:

Electrical Apprentice

Apprentice (1st Year)

Locations for Work:

Chestermere , AB — Canada