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Who Is Tradeslife?

Ely Ryan, Founder

Ely Ryan is a Red Seal plumber and Alberta journeyman B-class gasfitter.  Before he found his way to Canada, he worked four years on mega yachts in South Florida as a deckhand, finding his way to first mate, doing exterior maintenance and engine room repairs.  Scrubbing miles of boats in +125 degrees F was too hot, so he moved to Alberta to scrub miles of oil rigs in -40 F instead.

Five years in the oil patch found him on exploratory drilling rigs and top-drive single drilling rigs as a floorhand working twelve hour outdoor shifts in the bitter cold. He understands the unsung heroes laboring throughout the night mining and rigging, providing the raw materials needed for our way of life, while the world is sleeping unaware. It was in the oil patch that Ely was spotted for the Discovery Channel’s TV show, License to Drill, adding flavor to the workflow as the “rapping roughneck.” Deciding -40 F was too cold to continue working in, he found his place as a plumber in Calgary.

Six years in construction has found him building and servicing city high rises, renovating office spaces, residential houses, store fronts, warehouses, new restaurants, and yogurt shops throughout western Canada. After years of repairing shoddy craftsmanship and witnessing the struggle to find solid workers, he came to the conclusion that it’s often miscommunication and misrepresentation that often leads to poor work and lack of accountability.

Never knowing skilled trades offered a fulfilling and lucrative career growing up because of backward stereotypes, ignorance, and misguided advice by teachers he felt compelled to become part of the dialogue to help address the lopsided public perception of skilled workers. The solution became Tradeslife.


Elmer Erana, Product Technologist/Developer

Elmer Erana, a Creative Technologist and Entrepreneur, with over 18+ years’ experience, was originally trained as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist.   He then moved into Digital Media Design with his company Fusion Media Group and worked with a number of notable companies worldwide. Afterwards, with focus in emerging Web Application development method he leveraged skills to developing experience in a number of industries like Research Consulting, Finance, Medicine, Real Estate, Advertising, Oil & Gas, Retail, and Manufacturing.

He embodies the full range of technology from Front End design, Middleware, to Backend combined with a solid level of experience with User Experience. This versatility makes for a great combination in modern application design & development. After a brief upgrading at SAIT Polytechnic for Object Oriented Software Development, his combined experience with Web Applications and OOSD is now put to use with the City of Calgary DSC Business Unit.

As an experienced renovator, he noticed the difficulty in finding quality tradespeople and found navigating the layers of construction as a consumer a great challenge. He was instantly drawn to Tradeslife as a way to connect and deliver quality tradespeople to work on projects from a consumer standpoint looking to flip a house, renovate, or make repairs.


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